About us  

    „The route of spices” is a leading brand name of the ROLWIT company, which is totally private. It was founded on the basis of the farm specializing in growing spices and herbs. It began its production in June 1989. The technical and legal company’s registry took place in 1990.

    ROLWIT has a leading position in Poland as far as manufacturing, packaging and selling its spices and other farming products are concerned. Our company plays also a significant role in selling dried vegetables and fruits, both domestic and foreign ones.

    We mainly import our raw materials from Brazil, India, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey and many others. They are all of high quality, non – genetically modified and ecological.

    Our company cooperates with the domestic and foreign commercial partners, meets the standards that are obligatory in the EU, abides by the principles and requirements associated with the environment protection and the quality control and hygiene, adequate to the systems of the quality management HACCP and ISO 9001/2000.

    Our main strategy is a continuous quality improvement in our products, rare blends of spices and sweetened almonds, raisins, nuts and figs, friendly and flexible commercial policy towards our client and a professional service.

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